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Viridarium Library of Garden Classics Series

Series Editor: Douglas Coltart, Viridarium

The Viridarium Library of Garden Classics brings together a series of inspirational books spanning Garden Design, Landscape Architecture and Horticulture. It is also hoped to bring to the collection works, by pivotal authors, which are perhaps not as widely known.

When writing Design and Renovation of Larger Gardens, my aim was to combine the inspirational and the practical, in the way that Gertrude Jekyll and Lawrence Weaver did in Gardens for Small Country Houses(1912).

I was given this landmark book as a 21st birthday present, and have referred to it throughout my career. As I've researched further, I have encountered more authors and designers - such as Thomas Mawson and Edward Kemp - whose writings have also had a lasting influence on design, practice and landscape.Many of these books are hard to track down, having been out of print for decades.

The Viridarium Library of Garden Classics reprints some of these publications for a new audience. Much of what has been written does not date and is as relevant today as it was when these books were originally written, whether that is twenty or two hundred years ago.

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Title Author ISBN UK Price US Price
How to Lay Out a Garden Kemp, Edward 1845300424 £25.00 $45.00
Art and Craft of Garden Making, The Mawson, Thomas 1845300483 £35.00 $70.00
Gardens for Small Country Houses Jekyll, Gertrude and Weaver, Lawrence, with a contribution by Raymond Negus 1845300491 £35.00 $70.00
Villa Gardens: How to Plan and How to Plant Them Rogers, William Snow. Illustrated by the Author. 1845300521 £15.00 $30.00
Garden Planning Rogers, William Snow. Illustrated by the Author. 184530053x £25.00 $50.00
Life and Work of an English Landscape Architect, The Mawson, Thomas 184530070x £29.95 $45.00

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