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Garden Planning
William Snow Rogers. Illustrated by the Author.
ISBN 9781845300531
Paperback  348 pages
Published 1 June 2008    UK Price £20.95    US Price $30.00   

This book is much expanded and enlarged from the author's first book - Villa Gardens - which he published in 1902.

Drawing on the works of Mawson, Robinson and others, William Rogers provides a 'classic' view of - and a fascinating insight into - early 20th century design.

Little is known about him as a designer of historical note, but he lays claim to having designed some 'hundreds of gardens'.

By their small and urban nature few, if any, survive but Rogers was obviously at the vanguard of urban garden design, with a predisposition to the fashionable flower garden rather than the vegetable garden.

The black and white plans throughout the book are inspiring in their simplicity, and give classic solutions to urban garden shapes.

As the author maintains, "the cost of good design is a trifling sum on the total outlay, and it invariably justifies itself".

The original advertisements, reflecting the period, are included at the end of the book.


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