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Early Guides for Travellers in Britain Series

Early Guides for Travellers in Britain brings together a wide range of travel guides.

In the two hundred years before the motor-car became an affordable method of leisure travel, visiting other parts of the British Isles was dependent on private carriages or public transport. Through the eyes of the various authors, the countryside is revealed as it would be seen by the local inhabitants.

Each guide provides a wealth of topographical detail, not easily available elsewhere, of interest to family, local and social historians who are building up a picture of how a particular group of people would have seen their surrounding circumstances. To join the guides mailing list, please use the feedback form.

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Title Author ISBN UK Price US Price
Kearsley's Traveller's Entertaining Guide through Great Britain, 1801 Kearsley, G 0902664220 £30.00 $48.00
Tourist's Illustrated Handbook for Ireland 1854   0902664271 £30.00 $45.00
Sussex, 1896 Hare, Augustus J. C. 0902664646 £17.50 $28.00
Black's Guide to Devonshire, 1892   0902664654 £20.00 $32.00
Black's Guide to the Duchy of Cornwall, 1884   0902664670 £12.50 $20.00
Duncan’s Itinerary of Scotland, 1823   1845300017 £14.99 $26.99
Menzies' Tourist Pocket Guide for Scotland, 1852   1845300092 £39.50 $70.00
Edinburgh and South-East Scotland: Macdonald’s Tourists’ Guide 1925   1845300114 £11.95 $19.95
Glasgow, The Clyde and Loch Lomond: Macdonald’s Tourists’ Guide 1925 Stewart, Alex W 1845300122 £10.95 $17.95
Dumfries, Ayr and South-West Scotland: Macdonald’s Tourists’ Guide 1925   1845300130 £9.95 $17.95
Aberdeen, Dundee and Central Scotland: Macdonald’s Tourists’ Guide 1925   1845300149 £9.95 $17.95
Highlands and Islands of Scotland: Macdonald’s Tourists’ Guide 1925   1845300157 £9.95 $17.95
Summer Tours in Scotland: Glasgow to the Highlands: The Royal Route, 1897   1845300173 £14.95 $26.95
Scottish Tourist and Itinerary, The (1827)   184530022x £35.00 $60.00

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