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Saint Mirin: An account of Old Houses, Old Families and Olden Times in Paisley: Being Four Lectures on the Tenements of Ladyhouss, Blakhole, Unhouss, and Paslay Tak, in the new line of Street from Cross to Causeyside.

Book Index
Aberdeen Breviary, 31,32,33,36,38
Abbey gardens, 73,71,92,122,174
Abbey, west front of, view of the, 99
Affray at Shutterflat, 11O, 167
African Company, 113, 169
Aitkett's yard, 81,169, 170
Ale Tax act, 175
Alexander, Robert, of Blackhouse, writer, and town-clerk; 83,113,159,160,161,162,163,164,165,166,167,169,172
Alexander's mortification or charity, 173
Altar of Saints Mirin and Columba, 35
Altar tomb in Saint Mirin's or Sounding Aisle, 20,23,76
Altars, rental of the, 42,75
Angling of Christopher North (Professor Wilson), 27 28
Antiquities of Rome, by A Lumisden, 121
Antiquities Section of Philosophical Society, viii
Appearance of Paisley in 1733 and 1786, 56
Archaeological pursuits of Gavin Lang, 61
Architecture, Flemish style of, 173
Architecture, Nepus do., 14,55,98
Architecture of tenement 14 Saint Mirren's street 143
"Argyll is my name," 153
Arm chairs, old, 159, 160
Armorial bearings of Paisley, 20,21,23
Autograph of the Pretender's secretary, Murray, 118

Balloch fair,37
Bangour, in 1reland, Abbey of, 32,34
Bank, Paisley Union, partners of, 133
Bank of Scotland, 56,61
Bankers of Paisley in 1730, 92
Baptisms of Maxwell's children of Blackston, 11O
Bargarran imposter, Christian Shaw, 56
Barr, Mr., remarks of, on forming street from Cross to Causeyside, 1O
Barracks of Paisley, 1O1
Bass, John Spreull, 112
Battle of Falkirk, 59,117
Bells, Cross Steeple, events of,162,163
Bells, High Church Steeple, events of,163
"Bells, Silver," race for, 153
Belltrees, Sempills of, 50
Bishop Robert Wishart, of Glasgow, 23,24
Birth of Lord Paisley, 108
Black Book of Paisley, 35
Blakhole, Blackhoill, Blackhole, 69,70,78
Blackhole, title of, 72
Blackhouse, title of, 164
Blackston house, raid on, 57
Blackston lands and manor place, 108, 109
Blearie, Queen, tomb of,20, 23
Bo'ness salt office, 137,
Boog, Dr., on Queen Blearie's tomb, 22,23
Bonnie Lass of Ballochmyle, 161
Braes of Ballochmyle, 161
Breadth of Saint Mirren's-street, 192
Breadth of Saint Mirin-place, 192
Breviary of Aberdeen, 31,32,33,36,38
Brigton, Richard, burgess and buckler, 71,106, 145, 146, 147, 148
Brown & Sharp, manufacturers, Paisley, 97
Bruce, Marjory, vii, 24
Buildings,Public, in Gilmour-street, 15
Burgh of Paisley, erection of the, 34
Burial-place of the Corses, 93
Burn of Saint Mirin, 17,18,26,27, 40, 45, 72, 74
Burns, Robert poet, visit to Paisley, 187
Burning of Saint Mirin-street in 1733, 51, 52,53,65,114,173
Building trade, prosperity of the, 173,

Cabinet-making and turning, 160
Calendars of Scottish saints, 38
Caldwell, James, writer, 68
Capture of Bailie Maxwell, 86
Cart Acts of Parliament, 175
Cart, River, deepening of the, 174
Caversbank, 66,74, 77,78
Cemetery, inscriptions in the, 137
Chairmen at the Lectures, viii
Chairs, old Arm, 159 160
Character of Claud Alexander, in an acrostic, 168
Chamberlain:s House, 39,41,49,50
Chapel of Saint Mirin, 35
Chapter Seals of the Monastery, 30
Charter of Blakhole, Andrew Ross or Payntour, 69,70
Charter of Common Hall or Praetorium, 35
Charter of Erection of the village into a Burgh, 34
Charter of Grammar School, 34, 35
Charter of Lady Houss, Patrick Lowre, 45
Charter of Lady Houss, John Sheils, 17, 18, 25
Charter of Lady Houss, John Stewart, 39
Charter of Lady Houss, James Wache, 44
Charter of Paslay Tak, Richard Brigton, 145
Charter of Trewlis feu, Richard Brigton, 106
Charter of Unhouss, Andrew Payntour, 104, 106
Chartulary of Passelet, 32
Christie buildings, 134
Clocks of the Cross Steeple, 162, 188
Clock of Cross steeple, removal, of, 188
Clocks, new, at the Cross, erection of, 188,189
Clothes and shoe markets, 51
Coats, Thomas, of Ferguslie, 124
Coin, gold, of King James 1., 170, 171,172
Collections for the sufferers by the great fire, 53
Commendators of Paisley Abbey, 108, 157
Commissioners of police, old and new, 14
Common Hall, charter of the, 35
Concluding remarks on old places, old families, and olden times, 191.
Congall, Abbot of Bangour, 1reland, 32, 33,34-
Contract between Lord Cochran and community, '64.
Conversion of Saul, painting of, 101.
Conveyance of "Paslay Tak," 166.
Cook, James, painting of the Abbey by, 99.
Cook, Sign of the, 138.
Court House, building of a, 176,180
Covenanters' meeting at Shutterflat, 110, 167
Crawfurd's history of Renfrewshire, v.,20, 1133,147
Crawfurd's history of Renfrewshire, the officers of state, vi
Critical examination of legendary history, 36
Cross, market, casting down the, 148
Cross, market place, and fairs, the, 148, 152
Cross, removal of the, 151
Cross, ancient market, situation of the, 148, 150
Curious handbill of Joseph Howell, 138
Customs, violent taking of, by Renfrew Burgh, 148

Deepening of the River Cart, '74
Defamation case about the witches case, 80
Demise of James J. Lamb, architect, 193
Descriptions of the Unhouss property, 104, 105,107,113,114,115,116
Descriptive sketch of changes in Paisley shawls, by William Cross, 77
Dinner to Provost Farquharson, 142
Dyrrelton, James Haliburton, master of, 73
Dyrrelton, John Haliburton, master of, 70, 71,73
Directory, Glasgow, 59,67
Directories, Paisley, 59,63,67,97,1O1,131, 139,141
Dispute between the burghs of Renfrew and Paisley, 49
Distress in Paisley, 140
Division of Blackhole lands, 90,93
Division of properties in Saint Mirin-street, 56
Double sale of a church seat, 91
Downies of Blairgorts, 96
Dunn, James, manufacturer, 140
Duty on ale, for improving navigation of Cart, 175
Dyers' or Litster's-wynd, 60

Education of King James VI, Lord Erskine, and Sir James Sempill, 50,81
Ejection of Lord Ross from Thornly lands, 147
Elegy on Habbie Simson, 154
Elphinston, Bishop William, and his Aberdeen Breviary, 31,30,33,36,38
Endowment of Grammar School, 35
Endowment of Monastery, Paisley, 29
Engraver, stone, John Lithgow, 25
Engraver, Sir Robert Strange, the celebrated, 1O1
Epitaph on Thomas Bissland, jun., 103
Erection of the Burgh of Paisley, 34
Evasion of building rules, 55
Events of public bells, 160,163
Exchange of properties in Saint Mirin-street, 38
Execution of Thomas Potts, 108
Extortions of Sheriff Montgomery, 90

Fair of Balloch, 37
Fairs, market-place, and Cross, 148,150
Fairs of Paisley, 34,150,153
Falkirk, battle of, 59,117
Fancy fabrics, manufacture of, 76
Farquharson, Provost, dinner to, 142
Farquharson, Provost, presentation to, 142
Femer, Rev. William, minister, 53,108
Fine, action for restitution of the, 1OO
Fine imposed by the rebels, 58,117
Fire in 1733, Great, 51,50,53,65,114,173
Fire at the Cross in 1833, 11
Flemish style of architecture, 173
Flight of Sheriff Montgomery, 90
Forbes, Bishop Alexander F., Scots hagiology, 38
Fordun's Scoticronicon, 31,35,36
Forgeries of Bailie Maxwell, 86
Foundation, laying of, of New or Laigh Church, 172
Fulzieheaps collected on the streets, 156

Gaelic Chapel, building of, 186
Galloway, William, manufacturer, 94
Gap in the history of Paisley, 45,107,155
Gibson, John, transcriber of Black Book, 35
Goose Club, the, 64
Grammar School, 21,22,75,76,112,176,179
Greenhill, the, 140
Guidwife of Ferguslie, 79,l09,162

Habbie Simson, piper, 50,61,154
Hagiology, Scots', 38
Hamilton, John, Abbot of Paisley, Archbishop of Saint Andrews, 45,50,72,75,108, 109,154,155,156,157
Hamilton's, Abbot, entertainment by King Henry VIII, 154
Hamilton's, Abbot, return from France, 154
Hamilton, Daft Rab, 128,129
Handbill, curious, of Joseph Howell, 138
Heich houses, 50,55
Hessilden, Causeyside, 26,77
High-street, improvement of, 141
History, charters best proofs in, 18
Histories, legendary, 36
"Hole of the Waw," 15,52
Hospitality of the Wan family, 43
Hostages for rebel fine, 121
Housebreaking and robbery by Potts, 126
House of Correction, building a, 176
House of the Lady Altar, 42,43

Image of Abbot Lychtgow, 19,24,25
Imprisonment of Claud Alexander, 167
Improvement from the Cross to Causeyside, 9,12,13
Improvement, M'Donald's proposed, 13
Improvement of High Street, 141
Incle or tape factory, 98
Indenture of Alex. Wilson, weaver and poet, 187
Innes, Professor Cosmo, on Saint Mirin, 32
Inscription of 1st verse of Psalm vii., 45
Inscriptions of Abbot Lithgow, 19,24
Inscriptions in Paisley cemetery, 137
Inscription of Abbot George Schaw, v.,vi., 74
Insolvencies in 1811, 125

James, Saint seal of, 30
Joint-Stock Company for opening street, 11

Kilbarchan register of births, 110
Knoll, Causeyside, the, 26,78

Lady Altar, 42
Lady Hoill, 40,41,72
Lady House, The, 17,39,41,43,
Laigh, or New Church, 172
Lamb, demise of James J., 193
Lamb, architect, memoir of James J., 193
Language, Scots, charter in the, 39,41
Lang, Joseph, Brig 0' Weir, 130
Last, s1gn of the, 137
Lawsuits and lit1gat1on, 65
Lectures, chairmen at the, viii
Legendary histories, 36.
Liberation of Sheriff Montgomery, 90
Library, Free Public, 131
Library, first circulating, in Paisley, 130, 131
Life of Professor Wilson, 28
Linen cloth, weaving of, 76
Lion, gold, of King James I, 170,171,172
Literature, mortuary, of the Cemetery, 137
Lithgow,Abbot John, 17,18,19,24,25,27,31, 41,45,172
Lithgow, Abbot John, inscriptions, 19,24
Lithgow, Abbot John, image, 19,24,25
Lithgow, Abbot John, seal, 19,20
Litigation between a stepfather and stepson, 65
Litster's wynd, or Dyers' wynd, 60
Lumisden, Andrew, clerk or under-secretary of Pretender, 58,119,121
Lumisden's Antiquities of Rome, 121
Lumisden, Isabella, Lady Strange, 121

Malignancy, cases of, 79
Manufactures, early, of Paisley, 76,77
Manufacturing firm in Paisley, the oldest, 97
Manse of the Middle Parish, 139
Marion's, Saint, Wynd, 12,67
Market days and alterations, 152
Market-place, Cross, and Fairs, 148,152
Market-place, extent of the, 151
Master of Works and Rab Hamilton, 128, 129
Materia1s, old, sale of, 144
Matriculation of the Alexander Arms, 165
Maxwell, Bailie John, of Blakhole, 84,85,86,87,88
Maxwell, James, poetry of, 77,128
Meadow well, 27
Meal market, 21,76,184
Measurements of Abbot Schaw's inscription tablet, v
Meetings to form a joint-stock company to form street, 11,12
Memorial inscription of Abbot Schaw, v.,vi., 74
Memorial monument to Campbell Snodgrass, 48
Militia company, inspection of, 59
Minute book of Tailors' Society, 84,85,111
Miracles of Saint Mirin 33
Montgomery, Master, "cleanse the causeway," of Montgomery 70, 71,73
Montgomery, Ezekiel, Sheriff-Depute, 84,85,87,88,89,90.
Monument of Abbot Schaw, v, vi,20,23,74
Mortification of Robert Alexander, 173
Mouss, John, Chamberlain of the Monastery, 39,41,49
Murder of two Montgomeries of Skelmorlie, 150
Mure of Caldwell, Covenanter, 110,lll, 167
Murray, John, secretary to the Pretender's son, 118
Museum, Free Public, 131
MacDonald & Dunn, manufacturers, 139
MacDonald's scheme for street improvement, 13

Names of Saint Mirin's wynd, various, 26
Neilsons, printers of local publications, 138, 190
Nepus architecture, 14,55,98
Nether Bailzie, 77,80,81
Nether Pasley, 80
New or Laigh Church, 172
New and old plans of district, 16
New Street, Paisley, 81,97,170,174
Newspaper, first, printed 1n Paisley, 190
Newyairds and Woodside, 85,90,91
Noctes Ambrosiante, 28
Nuik house, 107

Oak, Billy, the pugilist, 126,127
Old materials of the old houses, sale of the, 144
Old and new plans of district, 16, 192
Oldest houses in Paisley, 156
Orchard, old, of the Abbey, 73,74,92,174
Orchyard,laying off the lands of, 94,174
Orthography of Mirin, 12

Paslay Tak, 145
Patron Saints of the Abbey, 32
Payntour, Andrew Ros or, burgess and buckler, 45, 69, 70, 71, 72, 74, 78, 95, 104, 105, 106, 145, 146, 147
Pensions to Pretender's servants, French, 120
Philosophical Society, report of, viii
Photographs of old houses, 117
Picture, subject for a, 121
Piper of Kilbarchan, 50,61,154
Pittance rental, 43,46,1S8
Places bearing the name of Saint Mirin, 37
Plainstanes, The 139, 151
Plan of Paisley, by Semple, 21,76
Plans of district, old and new, 16; and Frontispiece
Police Acts of Parliament, 9, 14
Poll Tax Rolls, 49, 56,79, 91,168
Pollutions of Saint Mirin s burn, 28
Popery, attempt to restore, 156
Population of Paisley,9, 52, 74, 76, 99, 116, 179
Ports of Paisley, 46, 47
Port, Saint Mirin s, removal of, 51
Port, the West, 44,76
Potts, Thomas, trial and execution of, 126,127,128,129,130
"Pray for his soul's salvation," v, vi, vii, 74
Presentation of trenchers and cups, l60
Priors Croft, 27
Prison, building of a, 176,179,180
Privy Council, meetings of, 86, 89
Properties to be taken down, 16
Proposals to form New street, 9
Prospectus of Society for forming street, 12,13
Prosperity of building trade, 173
Prosperity of the town, 192.
Public buildings in Gilmour Street, 1S
Publication of lectures in Gazette newspaper, ill
Pulling down the old tenements, 144
Purchase of properties, 14
Purity of water in Saint Mirin's burn, 27

Queen Blearie's tomb, 20,23
Queen Mary, 50, 154
Queen Victoria, 175

Races, Paisley, 153,154
Rebellion of 1745, 57,117
Rebuilding of Paslay Tak, 173
Rebuilding of Saint Mirin street, 54
Reckless speculation in 1845, 13
Recruiting for Pretender's army, 121
Relics in the Sounding Aisle, 24
Removal of Abbey Close meeting house, 99
Removal of Saint Mirin's port, 51
Removing, action of, 147.
Renfrew, John, ensign, at battle of Falkirk, 5
Rental of altars, 42,75
Rental book of the Monastery, 26
Rental of the feu-duties, 46,169
Rental of the pittances, 43,46,158
Report of Philosophical Society, viii
Resolution to open street, 15
Return of Sheriff Montgomery, 90
Revival of street improvement, 12
Rivulet of Saint Mirin, 17,18,26,27,40,72,76
Rome, Antiquities of, by Lumisden, 121

Saint Andrews, history of, 31
Saint James, seal of, 30
Saint Marion's wynd, 12,67
Saint Mirin, 12,26,27,28,29,30,32,34.36, 37,38
Saint Mirin's Aisle, 23,24-
Saint Mirin's day, 29
Saint Mirin's history, 28
Saint Mirren's mill, 102
Saint Mirin, orthography of; 12
Saint Mirin-place, 16,13,192
Saint Mirin, places bearing the name of, 37
Saint Mirin's seal, 3
Saint Mirren's soap-work, 102
Saint Mirren's-square, 101
Saint Mirin's rivulet, 17,18,26
Sale of old materials, 144
Salt office, Bo'ness, 137
Salutation Inn, 82
Sanitary reform, 157
Sausage maker, first, in Paisley, 138
Scheme of David McDonald, 13
Schoolmates of King James VI, 50,81
Scotichronicon of John Fordun, 31,35,36
Scotland, Bank of, 56,61
Scots charter of Lady House, 39
Scots Greys, raising of the, 111
Scots language, 39,41
Sculptured stone of the Lady House, 43
Seal of Abbot Lychtgow, 19,20
Seals of the Burgh of Paisley, 22
Seal of Prince Charles the Pretender, 119, 120
Seals, cupitular, 30,36
Secretary of Prince Charles, under, 119,120
Seeding Hall, Love-street, 139
Semple, William, historian, 20,21,51,97,116
Serjeant's acre, 123,147
Sermon of Dr. Ferrier on Sabbath schools, 53
Sermons of George Muir, D.D., 132
Settlement of John Alexander, Carolina, 167
Schaw, Abbot George, iv.,v.,vi.,20,22,33,34, 35,38,39,40,71,73,74, 106,108,122,146,149, 188,190
Schaw, Abbot George, inscription, iv, v,vi, 74
Schaw, Abbot George, monument, 20
Schaw, Abbot George, pensioner, 40
Shaw, Abbot Robert, 31,38, 39,40,69,70, 74,95,145,147,150
Shuttle-street, 170,174
Sign of The Cook, 138
Sign of The Last, 137
Simson, Habbie, piper of Kilbarchan, 50, 61,154
Sinclair, Archibald, chairman of Goose Club, 64
Site for new Cross Steeple, 191
Site for a statue, 192
Skene's, William F., critical examination of legendary history, 36
Sneddon, feuing of the lands of, 174
Soap manufacture, 132
Sounding aisle, altar tomb in the, 20,23,24
Spanish Grandees, 96
Speculation, reckless, of 1845, 13
Spreull, Bailie John, 112
Spreull, John, Bass, 112,113
Strange, Sir Robert, the celebrated engraver, 121
Stewarts of Blakhole and Gallowhill, 75,81
Stewarts of Netherbaillie and Caversbank, 78
Subject for a picture, 121
Successive proprietors of Blakhole, 93
Sumphs, Councillors called, by Sheriff Montgomery, 88
Suppression of the Monastery, 76

Tailors' Society, minute book of the, 84,85, 111
Tak, Paslay, meaning of the words, 147
Tannahill, the lyric bard of Paisley, 123,124
Tannahills, births and baptisms of, 125
Tait, James, manufacturer and builder, 140
Testimonial to Provost Farquharson, 142
Testimonial to Gavin Lang, 60
Thatched houses, 49, 55, 155
Theory that Abbot Geo~e Schaw was the author of all the histories of Saint Mirin, 38
Timber houses in Saint Mirin's-street, 49,53
Tokens of Laigh Church, 21,76
Tombstone of John Alexander, 159.
Tombstone of Robert Alexander, 165,166
Tombstone of Thomas Bissland, 123
Tombstone of Andrew Brown, 97
Tombstone of John Christie, 133,135
Tombstone of James Christ1e, 135,136
Tombstone of Agnes, Elizabeth, George, Margaret, and Mary Christie, 136
Tombstone of Robert Farquharson, 143
Tombstone of Mrs. Farquharson, 143
Tombstone of Nathaniel Forrester, 95
Tombstone of Robert Maxwell, 182
Tombstone of John Miller, 117,135
Tombstone of William Miller, 136
Tombstone of George Muir, 131
Tombstone of Claud Neilson, 165, 166
Tombstone of Campbell Snodgrass, 48
Tombstone of Thomas Stevenson, 98
Tombstone of Robert Tannahill, 125:
Tombstone of William Wallace, 49
Toofalls, license to erect, '58
Tortures of Bass John Spreull, 112
Town-clerks, Paisley, 12,48, 51, 96,161
Townhead, Paisley, 76
Transportation of Covenanters, 166
Trencher and cup making, 160
Trenchers, presentation of, 160
Trewlis feu, 104,105
Turf Inn, 100,
Turning and cabinetmaking, 160

Unhouss, Unehouse, Oonhouse, Ovenhouse, 104,106
Unhouss, miscalled Blackhole, 115
Umbrella, first, in Paisley, 187

View of west front of Paisley Abbey, 99 100
Visitors to Balloch fair, 37
Volunteers, Paisley, of 1803, 133,134,190

Wall of Abbey garden, 74
Wallaces of Caversbank, 49,66
Wan, Sir John, lady priest, 42,44
Wan, Martin, chancellor of Glasgow church, 43
Wauk mill, the, 78
Weaving, commencement of, 76
Weaving of linen cloth, 76
West front of Paisley Abbey, 99,1OO
Whyte, John, medical attendant of the imposter Shaw, 47,56
Whyte} John, clerk in court of session, 56
Whitelord, John, first bailie of Paisley, 49, 161
Witchcraft, case of, 79
Wilson, Professor John, 27,28
Wishart, Bishop Robert, sculpture of, 23,24
Witness at Pott's trial still living, 130
Witnesses to the charter of Blackhole, 70, 71,73
Websters, weavers, and manufacturers, 76

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