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History of the Counties of Ayr and Wigton: Carrick

Book Index
"Ha', the old" 228. [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hackston of Rathi1let, cci, ccii, cciii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Haco, brother of the Norwegian King, 9 [in Vol3]
Haco, xxxix [in Volume1 Pt1] 4,5,8,19 [in Vol3]
Haco's expedition, 7 [in Vol3]
Haddington, Lord, 38 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hadyet Hills, 12, 15 [in Vol2]
Hagbut, silver, 107 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hailes, Lord, xlix, l, cxxxv, 122 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hair of Barnhill, 370 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hair, Ivie, of Rankinestone, 242 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Halbert, Wililam, schoolmaster, 195 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Haliburton, George, lxvii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Halket Loch, 215 [in Vol3]
Halket, Colonel, clxxxi [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hall, Archibald, James, Hugh, Christian, Margaret, Lilias, Anua, Maria, 251, Margaret Mary, James, Hamilla, 251 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hall, Mr John, 57 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hall, The County, 248 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hallglenmuir, 204 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilla, Jane, Hamilla, 248 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton of Ardoch, 288, 486 [in Vol3]
Hamilton of Bargany, 199 [in Vol2]
Hamilton of Belleisle and Pinmore, 131 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton of Rozelle and Carcluie, 152 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, A., 365 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hamilton, and Kinneil, baronies of, cxx [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Anne, 194 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Archibald, 250 [in Volume1 Pt1] 283 [in Vol3]
Hamilton, Archibald, the late, of Roselle and Carcluie, 153, 154 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Captain William, of Dowan, 337 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hamilton, Castle of, lxxvii [in Volume1 Pt1] 353 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hamilton, Charles Vericker, 280 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Christian, 337 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hamilton, Christina, 199 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Claud, 245, 246 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Claud, of Lethame, 247 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Colonel Alex West, 133 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Colonel J. Ferrier, 272, 280 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Count, 57 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, cxii, 109 [in Volume1 Pt1] 68 [in Vol2]
Hamilton, Dame Eleanora, Countess of Eglinton, 153 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Dame Margaret, 144 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Duke of, cix, cxxviii, cxxx, cxxxi, clxv, clxviii, clxix, clxx, clxxi, clxxii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Duke of, Engagement, 18 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Elizabeth, 133, 231 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Euphemia, 273 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Family, 313 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hamilton, first Lord, 232 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Gavin, Commendator of Kilwinning 217 [in Vol3]
Hamilton, Gavin, of Arbieston, 274 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, General Alexander, 562 [in Vol3]
Hamilton, George, of Boreland, 313 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hamilton, Hamilla, 152 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Hans, 218 [in Vol3]
Hamilton, Hew, of Boreland, 314 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hamilton, Hugh, 132, 247 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Hugh, of Clongall, 247 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Hugh, of Pinmore, 132, 133, 137 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Hugh, the youngest, 133 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, James of Parkhead, 246 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, James, 6 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, James, of Olivestot, 315 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hamilton, James, Viscount Clandeboyes, 219, 220 [in Vol3]
Hamilton, Janet, 50, 247 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Jean, 246 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Jean, Countess of Crawford, 153 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, John and Claude, cxvi, cxxvii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, John, 245, 247, 251 [in Volume1 Pt1] 314 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hamilton, John, first Marquis of, 42-44 [in Vol2]
Hamilton, John, of Barnweill, 269 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, John, of Inchgothrick, 62 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, John, of Letham, 314 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hamilton, John, of Sundrum, 133, 154, 251 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Lady Janet, 191 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Lady Margaret, 171 [in Vol3]
Hamilton, Lord Claud(e), cxvi, 182, 256 [in Volume1 Pt1] 583, 638 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hamilton, Lord John, Commendator of Aberbrothock, 268 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Lord, 12 [in Vol3]
Hamilton, Margaret, 314 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hamilton, Marion, 232 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Montgomerie, 250 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Mr James, Viscount Claneboy, cxxxvii, cxxxviii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Mr Patrick, clxiii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Mr, merchant, Glasgow, 346 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hamilton, New, 213 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, of Bargany, 58, 211 [in Volume1 Pt1] 199-203 [in Vol2]
Hamilton, of Belleisle and Pinmore, 131 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, of Everton, 199 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, of Finnart, 614, 626 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hamilton, of Roselle and Carcliue, 152 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, of Sanquhar, 269 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Patrick, of Boreland, 314 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hamilton, Rev. Mr, clxi, clxii, clxiii, clxiv [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Robert, Baillie Clerk of Garrick, 246 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Robert, cciii, 129, 160 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Robert, of Bourtriehill, 134 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Sir Andrew de, 687 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hamilton, Sir David de, 681 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hamilton, Sir David, 229 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Sir David, of Cadyow, 313 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hamilton, Sir Hew Dalrymple, 240 [in Vol2]
Hamilton, Sir James, of Brownhlll, 245 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Sir James, of Cadrow, 231 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Sir Robert of Lorn, 706 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hamilton, Sir Robert of Preston, cci [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Sir Robert, of Brentwood, 326 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hamilton, Sir William, 53, 165 [in Volume1 Pt1] 682, 706 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hamilton, Sir William, Knight, of Sanquhar, 160 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Sir William, of Sanchair, 167 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Sir William, of Sorn, 288 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, the Camp at, ci [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, the Duik of, 30 [in Vol3]
Hamilton, the Governor, ci [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, Walter Ferrier, of Cathlan, 280 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton, William, de Blantysferme, 341 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hamiltone, Anne, 315 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hamiltone, David, of Bothwellhauch, 434 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hamilton's engagement, clxxii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamiltons of Brownmuir, 83, 85 [in Vol3]
Hamiltons of Cambuskeith and Grange, 433 [in Vol3]
Hamiltons of Sundrum, 242 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamilton's Regiment, Col, Transported to Ireland, 82 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamiltons, Lineage of the, 245 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamiltons, the property of the, 30 [in Vol3]
Hamiltons, the, c, cxiv, cxv, cxvi, cxxii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamiltons, the, of Beechgrove, 556 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hamiltoun, William, 314, 341 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hamiltouns of Brownmuir, 83 [in Vol3]
Hammond, William T., 388 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hammyltone, John, of Colmyskeithe, lxx [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hamylton, Andrew de, 706 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hamylton, Sir David, 706 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hanoverian cause, the, ccxvii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hardane, lxvii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hariot, John, 284 [in Vol3]
Harlau, the Reformer, lxxxix, xci [in Volume1 Pt1]
Harpar, John, Minister, 66 [in Vol3]
Harper, John, 109 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Harrington, Sir John, lxv [in Volume1 Pt1]
Harry, Blind, xvii, xlix, l [in Volume1 Pt1] 572 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Harvie of Broadlie, 171, 172 [in Vol3]
Hastie, James, of Kaimshill, 657 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hastings, Lady Sophia, daughter of the Earl of Moira, 334 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hastings, Marquis of, 244 [in Vol3]
Hawthornden, 243 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hay Boyd, major of Townsend, 556 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hay, Captain Francis, 748 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hay, Captain, 556 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hay, Charles, 313 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hay, Isabella Agnes, 139 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hay, James, of Belton, 139 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hay, Maister Andro, 273 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hay, Margaret, 313 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hay, Marian, 232 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hay, Mrs Elizabeth Douglas, of Rodinghead, 748 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hay, Peter, of Menzeam, 232 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hay, Sir Gilbert de la, 15 [in Vol2]
Haylie, 9 [in Vol3]
Heads of Ayr, 300 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hebrides, 4 [in Vol3]
Hebrides, lands of, 53 [in Vol3]
Hebrides, xvi [in Volume1 Pt1]
Heidelbergh, 220 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Heidmark, merk land of, 330 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Helen's Castle, Dame, 373 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Henderson, Marian, 324 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hendry of Joppa, 213 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Henningford, l [in Volume1 Pt1]
Henry of England, lxvi, 287 [in Volume1 Pt1] 19 [in Vol3]
Henry VIII, lxxxi [in Volume1 Pt1] 25, 30, 31 [in Vol3]
Henry, l [in Volume1 Pt1]
Henry, Prince, 1 [in Vol2]
Hepburn, John, 348 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hepburn, of Wauchton, 286 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Herbert de Camera, 229 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Herbert, Johnne, 234 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Heritors alive to Education, 185 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Heron, James, of Dalmore, 719 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Heron, Patrick, Esq., of Heron, 39 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Herries, Lord, civ, cv, cxxxi [in Volume1 Pt1]
Herries, Lord, son of, civ, cvii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Herring Fishing. 175 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Herring-Curing, 77 [in Volume1 Pt1]
"Herrings, The Battle of the" 231 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hertford, English commander, lxxix
Hibernii, xix [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hetrick, a local poet, 363 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hexham, battle of, 10 [in Vol3]
High Church, 138 [in Volume1 Pt1]
High Steward of Scotland, 229 [in Volume1 Pt1] 536 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Highland Clans, 4 [in Vol2] 7 [in Vol3]
Highland host, cc [in Volume1 Pt1
Hoby, Sir Edward, cxxiv [in Volume1 Pt1
Holland, xxiv [in Volume1 Pt1
Homer, xxii [in Volume1 Pt1
Houston, Patrick, of that Ilk, cxxiii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Highlanders, 17,19 [in Vol2]
"Highlandman's year", 398 [in Vol3]
Hightee, 298 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hil1s to be kept free from Bestial, 122 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hiller, Lands of, 345 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hillhouse, 298 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Historical account of the noble family of Kennedy, iii [in Vol2]
Historical Sketcbof Cunninghame, 1 [in Vol3]
Historical Sketch of Carrick, 1 [in Vol2]
Historical Sketch of Kyle, ix-ccxviii [in Volume1 Pt1]
"Historie and Descent of the house of Rowallan", the, 316 [in Volume1 Pt2]
"Historie of the Kennedyis", 41, 77 [in Vol2]
Historiographer for Scotland, 226 [in Volume1 Pt1]
"History of Galloway", 23 [in Vol2]
History of the Stewarts, 10 [in Vol3]
History, Social, 11 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hodgison, Johnnes, of Barshare, 353 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Holidon Hill, 10 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Holland, Ralph, 27 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hollybush, 386, 414 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Holm, farm of, 372 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Holmes, the, 530 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Holmstone, 148 [in Volume1 Pt1]
"Holy Fair", 642 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Holyrood House, 37 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Home, old lady of, 22 [in Vol3]
"Honour and Dignity of the Burgh" 106 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hoodstone, 634 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Horse Isle, the, 52 [in Vol3]
Horsecleuch and Glasnok, 335 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Horssey, Phillipus de, 52 [in Vol3]
Hose, Christiana and Matilda, 283 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hose, Family of that Name, 255 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hose, John, Parson of Craigie. 265 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hose, Walter, of Cragyn, 255, 282 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hoses, Lindsays, Wallaces, and Campbells, of Craigie, 282 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hospital Built, 17 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hospital of Kincase, 576 [in Volume1 Pt2]
"Houff", the, 84 [in Vol2]
Houldsworth & Co., 365 [in Volume1 Pt2]
"Hous of Cassilis and Barganye", 41 [in Vol2]
House of Lords, 87 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Houston, Mr John, 217 [in Vol3]
Houston, Rev. Mr, 306 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Houstoun, Jeane, 328 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Houstoun, Patrick, of that Ilk, 328 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Houstoun, Sir Patrick, of that ilk, 234 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Houstoune, Archibald, 34 [in Vol3]
Houstoune, Laird of, 34 [in Vol3]
Houstoune, Patrick, porter of Houstoune, 34 [in Vol3]
Hoveden, 450 [in Vol3]
Howatson, Charles, 200 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Howatsons of Craigdarroch, 360 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Howford Bridge, 541 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Howies in Lochgoin, 242 [in Vol3]
Hoyll, James 23 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Huaill, Hoel, or Coyle, xv [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hughes, Lieut-General, 152 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hughes, of Mount Charles and Balkissock, 151 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hullerhirst, 567, 568 [in Vol3]
Hume, 23 [in Vol2]
Hume, Katherine, 337 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hume, Patrick, of Fastcastle, 19 [in Vol3]
Hume, Rev. Patrick, 337 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hume, the historian, clxxxiv [in Volume1 Pt1]
Humes of Cesnock, 521-2 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hundson, Lord, cxxiv, cxxv [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunter Blairs of Blairquhan, 470 [in Vol2]
Hunter of Hunterston, or, of that Ilk, 327, 358 [in Vol3]
Hunter of Kirkland, 365 [in Vol3]
Hunter, & Co. Messrs, 42 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunter, Adam, 28, 144 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunter, Alexander, W.S., 146 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunter, Andrew, D.L., 145 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunter, Andrew, Esq., of Hollybush, 414 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hunter, Andrew, of Doonholm, 633 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hunter, Andrew, W.S., 145 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunter, Archibald, 35 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunter, Ballantyne & Co. 36 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunter, Captain Andrew, 145 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunter, Captain Francis 145 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunter, Duncan, of Ballagan, xc [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunter, Elizabeth, 150 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunter, Henry, Curate of Ayr, 44 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunter, Herbert, xc [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunter, Hutchison, William, 359 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hunter, James, 131, 144 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunter, James, Provost of Ayr, 144 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunter, James, Writer, l44 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunter, Jean, 198. [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunter, John, 128, 144 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunter, John, Ensign, 33 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunter, John, W.S., 144, 145 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunter, John, W.S., of Doonholm, 414 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hunter, Lieut. Colonel, 503 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hunter, Mrs, of Bonnyton, 144 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunter, Rev. Andrew, D.D., Of Barjarg, 145 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunter, Rev. Mr, 150 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunter, Robert, 27 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunter, Robert, baillie, 30 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunter, Robert, Provost of Ayr, 198 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunter, William, 30 [in Volume1 Pt1] William, 38 [in Vol3]
Hunter, William, of Drumdow, 722 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Hunter, William, of Hunterston, 3 [in Vol3]
Hunters of Abbothill and Courtoun, 122 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunters of Doonholm, 144 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hunterston Brooch, 9 [in Vol3]
Hunterston Castle, 313 [in Vol3]
Hunterstoun and Montfode, 304 [in Vol3]
Huntly, Earl of, lxxxiii, civ, cv, cxxviii, cxxxi, cxxxiii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hutcheoun, Ronald, cxix [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hutchison, James, John, Duncan, George, and James 298 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hutchison, James, of Ayr, 298 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hutchison, John, 129 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hutchison, John, of Underwood, 298, 299 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Hyndman of Burrowland, 488 [in Vol3]
Hyndman, Henry C., of Springside, 369, 370 [in Vol3]
Icolmkill, xvi [in Volume1 Pt1]
Ierne, xix [in Volume1 Pt1]
Imports at Ayr, 81 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Inch and New Luce, 80 [in Vol2]
Inch, house of, 68, 98 [in Vol2]
Inchinnan, 140 [in Vol3]
Incorporated Trades of Ayr, 81 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Indulged Ministers, cciv [in Volume1 Pt1]
Infection, or Pestilence, 112 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Inglis, Peter, and party, 243 [in Vol3]
Innerkip and Greenock, 517 [in Vol3]
Innes of Stowe, Mr, 683 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Innisfallen, xxii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Inquest, the, 171 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Insurance Company, 82 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Inventory of Goods, 90 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Invercurtecan, 2 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Inverdon, 1, 3 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Invergarvan, 238 [in Vol2]
Inverpolcurtecan, 1 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Iona, xvi [in Volume1 Pt1]
Ireland and the Highlands, 242 [in Vol2]
Ireland and the Isles, 12 [in Vol2]
Ireland, cxxix, 82 [in Volume1 Pt1] 71, 73, 83 [in Vol2] 50 [in Vol3]
Ireland, great seal of, cxxxviii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Ireland, open to, 71, 74 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Ireland, trade with, in 1703, ccxi [in Volume1 Pt1]
Irish and Danish Frigates, 17 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Irish Harps, cried down, 77 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Irish rebellion in 1640, cxlv [in Volume1 Pt1]
Iron Coins, three, 256 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Iron Works, 365 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Ironworks at Auchinleck, 181 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Irvin, Tolbuythe of, 20, 22 [in Vol3]
Irvine and Greenock, 557 [in Vol3]
Irvine and Kilwinning, 575 [in Vol3]
Irvine and Troon, Harbours of 419 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Irvine Cross, 266
Irvine, lands belonging to, 254
Irvine, Antiquities, 270, 271 [in Vol3]
Irvine, burgesses of, 253 [in Vol3]
Irvine, burgh of, 250, [in Vol3]
Irvine, Ecclesiastical affairs, 259, 260, 270 [in Vol3]
Irvine, Eminent Persons connected with Irvine, 271 [in Vol3]
Irvine, Etymology, extent, &c, 249 [in Vol3]
Irvine, Families in the Parish of, 272 [in Vol3]
Irvine, Harbour Contract, 266 [in Vol3]
Irvine, History, Civil and Ecclesiastical, 250 [in Vol3]
Irvine, Magistrates of, 254 [in Vol3]
Irvine, Memorabilia connected with the burgh of, 263-70 [in Vol3]
Irvine, Parish of, 249 [in Vol3]
Irvine, Parochial Church of, 89 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Irvine, Port and Harbour of, 358 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Irvine, Presbytery of, clxxiv [in Volume1 Pt1] 66,67 [in Vol3
Irvine, Provost of, cclx [in Volume1 Pt1]
Irvine, Shipping of, 267 [in Vol3]
Irvine, water of, 192, 249, 371, 448, 638 [in Vol3]
Irvine, xviii, xxviii, 1, li, cliv, cxcii [in Volume1 Pt1] 498, 636 [in Volume1 Pt2] 1, 3, 32, 49, 112 [in Vol3]
Irving, Edward, 58, 59 [in Vol2]
Irving, Rev. Edward, 242 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Irving, William, 63 [in Vol2]
Isle Lane, 67 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Isleholm and Ballgreen, 347 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Jack, Andrew, in Lyne, cx [in Volume1 Pt1]
Jak, Andro, 145 [in Volume1 Pt1]
James I, lxiv, 284 [in Volume1 Pt1] 317 [in Volume1 Pt2]
James II, lxv, 10, 23, 32 [in Volume1 Pt1]
James III, 318 [in Volume1 Pt2] 10, 18 [in Vol3]
James IV, erected Mauchline into a free barony, 303, 304, 367, 373, 538 [in Volume1 Pt2]
James IV, lxvi, 48, 52, 53, 231, 232 [in Volume1 Pt1] 19, 20, 253, 254 [in Vol3]
James V, lxix, lxxii, lxxv, lxxvi, 11, 48, 52, 287 [in Volume1 Pt1]326, 682, 706, 735 [in Volume1 Pt2] 26 [in Vol2] 42, 142 [in Vol3]
James VI, cxiv, cvi, cvii, cviii, cxxii, cxxiii, cxxv, cxxvi, cxxviii, cxxx, cxxxii, cxxxiv, cxxxvi, cxxxvii, cxli, cxlii, 16, 17, 68, 71, 83, 229 [in Volume1 Pt1] 73, 76 [in Vol2] 16, 39, 253 [in Vol3]
James, 359 [in Volume1 Pt2]
James, Lord Hamilton, 18 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Jamieson, Dr., xliv, l [in Volume1 Pt1]
Jamieson's Acres, 131 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Jamiesoun, George, Provost, 16. [in Volume1 Pt1]
Jamiesoun, John, 358 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Jardane, Thomas, of Birnok, 336 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Jardane, Thomas, of Burnock, 207 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Jedborth, Bon, lxvii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Jedburgh, Justice-aire of, cx [in Volume1 Pt1]
Jenkyns, John, 238 [in Volume1 Pt1]
John, de St. John, lviii [in Volume1 Pt1]
John, of Waterside, 208 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Johnson, Dr, 187 [in Volume1 Pt1] 432, 433 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Johnston, John, of Lochhouse, 354 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Johnston, Laird of, 286 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Johnston, Margaret, 285 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Johnstone, laird of, lxv, lxix [in Volume1 Pt1]
"Jolly Beggars", 542 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Jones, Paul, 42 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Joppa hams, 213 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Jossipuss, xx [in Volume1 Pt1]
Justice, College of, 283 [in Vol3]
Justiciary Courts, 254 [in Vol3]
Kallender's Dragoons, 216 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kames, Barony of, 139 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kay, John, Proprietor of Newton Castle Grounds, 169 [in Volume1 Pt1]
"Kay's Edinburgh Portraits" 124 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Ke1sos of Dankeith, 741 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Keith of Galston, 313, 706 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Keith, Dame Janet, 313 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Keith, Janet de, 681 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Keith, Sir William, of Galston, lxi [in Volume1 Pt1]
Keith, Stewarts, and Rosses of Galston, 525, 526 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Keith's Religious Houses, xlii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Keithston, Lands and Village of, l8O, 181 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kelburne Castle, 523 [in Vol3]
Kelburne, Boyle, Earl of Glasgow, 530-3 [in Vol3]
Kelcou (Kelso), Richardi de, 49 [in Vol3]
Kelly Castle, and Kilhenhow, 52 [in Vol2]
Kelso of Hullerhirst, 568-70 [in Vol3]
Kelso, John, of Kelso-land, ci [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kelsoland, 535 [in Vol3]
Kelwood, the laird of, cx, cxi [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kemblock, Walter, 662 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kemp's Castle, 617 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kenhitt, Laird of, 48 [in Vol2]
Kenkynol, the grant of, 78 [in Vol2]
Kennedie, cc [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kennedie, Marion, 348 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kennedies and Montgomeries of the Clongalls, 122 [in Volume1 Pt1]
"Kennedie's Dub", 389 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kennedies of Ardmillan, 246, 248 [in Vol2]
Kennedies of Baltersan, 295, 311 [in Vol2]
Kennedies of Bargany, 125, 180, 199 [in Vol2]
Kennedies of Bennane, 94-101 [in Vol2]
Kennedies of Blairquhan, 461-5 [in Vol2]
Kennedies of Carlock, 102, 103 [in Vol2]
Kennedies of Carrick, and the Craufurds of Kyle, 389 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kennedies of Glentig, 104 [in Vol2]
Kennedies of Kirkmichael, 277-81 [in Vol2]
Kennedies, iii [in Vol2]
Kennedies, xxxviii, cxi [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kennedy, Agnes, 725 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kennedy, Alexander, 124 [in Volume1 Pt1] 24 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, Alexander, of Barcany, lxxi, lxxiii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kennedy, and Body, 12, 13 [in Vol3]
Kennedy, Andrew, Robert, and Black James, cxiii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kennedy, Androw, of Clowburn, 123 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kennedy, Antone, of Balsarrocht, 55 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, Archibald, of Culzean, 127 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kennedy, Bishop, 120 [in Volume1 Pt1] 25 [in Vol2] 10, 11 [in Vol3]
Kennedy, Captain Archibald, 129 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kennedy, Captain of Bennan(e), ix, 1 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, David of, Maxwelltoun, 53 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, David, 35, 39 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, family of, 22 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, George, of the Beoch, cxiii. [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kennedy, Gilbert, 58, 78 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, Gilbert, first Baron, 24 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, Gilbert, his son, 78 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, Gilbert, Lord, 11, 15 [in Vol3]
Kennedy, Gilbert, of Bargany, 3 [in Vol3]
Kennedy, Gilbert, of Dunure, 78 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, Gilbert, of Knockdaw, 57 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, Helen, 49 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, Hew and David, 35, 36 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, Hew, cxiv, 88, 123 [in Volume1 Pt1] 83 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, Hew, of Baltersan, 127 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kennedy, Hew, of Blairquhan, 35 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, Hew, of Garequhairne, 59 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, Hew, Provost of Ayr, 18, 21 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kennedy, Hugh of Schellock, 127 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kennedy, Hugh, his son, lxxi [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kennedy, James, 131 [in Volume1 Pt1] 78 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, James, of Blarequhanne, lxxii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kennedy, James, of Dunure, 25 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, John, 17, 23 [in Volume1 Pt1] 37, 78 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, John, of Baltersan, 348 [in Volume1 Pt2] 53, 63 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, John, of Creech, 66 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, John, of Culzean, 146 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kennedy, John, of Giletree, lxxii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kennedy, John, of Penquhiren, cxi, cxiii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kennedy, Johne, 4 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, Johnes, dns de Conhalker, 127 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kennedy, Lancelot, 130 [in Volume1 Pt1] 62, 3-4 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, Lord, 23 [in Vol2] 13 [in Vol3]
Kennedy, Margaret, 147 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kennedy, Master Alexander, 662 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kennedy, of Garnehorn, 71 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, of the Coiff, viii [in Vol2]
Kennedy, Oliver, cxiv [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kennedy, Quintin, Abbot of Crossraguel, xcvii. [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kennedy, Roland, of Leffnol, 78 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, Rolland, 60 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kennedy, Sir Alexander, 141 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kennedy, Sir David, Knight, lxvii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kennedy, Sir Gilbert, 77 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, Sir Gilbert, of Dunure, iv, v [in Vol2]
Kennedy, Sir John, of Culzean, 194 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kennedy, Sir John, of Dunure, 387, 388, 389, 725 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kennedy, Sir Thomas, of Culzean, cxii, cxiii, cxiv, 23 [in Volume1 Pt1] 41, 42 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, Thomas of Ardmillane, younger, clviii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kennedy, Thomas, 55 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, Thomas, heir of Bargany, ix [in Vol2]
Kennedy, Thomas, of Bargany, 327 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kennedy, Thomas, of Cloncaird, 57, 62 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, Thomas, of Drummurchie, 55, 61 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, William, of Brounstoun, 41 [in Vol2]
Kennedy, Williame, 67 [in Vol2]
Kennedys, Historie of the, lix [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kenneth III, xxxiv
Kenneth, George, cxxxii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kenneth, Lord Robert, clxxxii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Ker of Fernyhirst, clxxviii
Ker, Sir Alexander, 44 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Ker, Andrew, of Cessford, 14 [in Vol3]
Ker, Wilielmi, 49 [in Vol3]
Kerelaw, Castle of, 23 [in Vol3]
Kerila Castle, 557-61 [in Vol3]
Kerr, Andrew, 140 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kerr, Andro, 127 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kerr, Colonel, clxxxi [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kers of Auchingree, 147, 149 [in Vol3]
Kers of Kersland, 179, 184 [in Vol3]
Kerse Castle, near the Craigs of Kyle, 398 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kerse family, 378 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kerse Loch, 385 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kerse, 192 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kerse, Laird of, cxi, cxii, cxiii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kersland, 179 [in Vol3]
Kerslands' Memoirs, clxxxi [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kilbarchan, lxxiii [in Volume1 Pt1] 29 [in Vol3]
Kilbirnie and Castle Sempill Lochs, 140 [in Vol3]
Kilbirnie and Lochwinnoch Parishes, 64 [in Vol3]
Kilbirnie Loch, 281. [in Vol3]
Kilbirnie Place, 281, 286. [in Vol3]
Kilbirnie, Antiquities, 285 [in Vol3]
Kilbirnie, Church of, 283 [in Vol3]
Kilbirnie, Etymology, &c, 281 [in Vol3]
Kilbirnie, Families in the Parish of, 289 [in Vol3]
Kilbirnie, Glengarnock, and Ladyland Baronies, 282 [in Vol3]
Kilbirnie, History, Civil and Ecclesiastical, 282 [in Vol3]
Kilbirnie, Lady, 40. [in Vol3]
Kilbirnie, Laird of, clxxxix [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kilbirnie, Parish of, 139, 281 [in Vol3]
Kilbride to Kellyburn, 518 [in Vol3]
Kilbride, 29
Kilbride, and Largs, 130
Kilbride, Antiquities, 307 [in Vol3]
Kilbride, Etymology, &c, 302 [in Vol3]
Kilbride, Families in the Parish of, 316 [in Vol3]
Kilbride, History, Civil and Ecclesiastical, 303 [in Vol3]
Kilbride, Village at 306
Kilcaise, or Kincaise, 575 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kilconchar, Adam de, 4 [in Vol2]
Kildonan, 155-156 [in Vol2]
Kildrummie Castle, 10 [in Vol2]
Kilhenzie Castle, 391, 392 [in Vol2]
Kilhenzie, 436 [in Vol2]
Kilhenzie, the young Laird of, 44 [in Vol2]
Kilkemet, George, 116 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kilkerran, 228, 228, 234 [in Vol2]
Kilkerran, elder, Laird of, clix, clxxv [in Volume1 Pt1]
Killiecrankie, cc, ccvii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Killochan, 174, 175, 234 [in Vol2]
Kilmain, 377 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kilmalcolm, Lochwinnoch, and Kilbirnie, 517 [in Vol3]
Kilmarnock, Accident in the Low Church of, in 1801, 402 [in Vol3]
Kilmarnock, and Grougar, 379 [in Vol3]
Kilmarnock, and Irvine Waters, 371 [in Vol3]
Kilmarnock, Antiquities, 404 [in Vol3]
Kilmarnock, Barony of, 28 [in Vol3]
Kilmarnock, Burgh School of, 391-2 [in Vol3]
Kilmarnock, cliv, clvii, clix, clxxxi [in Volume1 Pt1] 636 [in Volume1 Pt2] 1 [in Vol3]
Kilmarnock, Earl of, ccxviii [in Volume1 Pt1] 241, 374 [in Vol3]
Kilmarnock, Eminent persons connected with, 413 [in Vol3]
Kilmarnock, Etymology, &c, 371 [in Vol3]
Kilmarnock, Families in the Parish of, 415 [in Vol3]
Kilmarnock, family, 145 [in Vol3]
Kilmarnock, Fenwick, and Eaglesome, 537 [in Vol3]
Kilmarnock, History, Civil and Ecclesiastical, 372 [in Vol3]
Kilmarnock, House, 377 [in Vol3]
Kilmarnock, Lordship and Castle of, 17 [in Vol3]
Kilmarnock, Lordship of, 350 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kilmarnock, Magistrates of, 380 [in Vol3]
Kilmarnock, New Kirk of, 241 [in Vol3]
Kilmarnock, Parish of, 241, 371 [in Vol3]
Kilmarnock, Temperance League in, 393 [in Vol3]
Kilmarnock, the Earls of, 380, 381 [in Vol3]
Kilmarnock, the Fencibles of, in 1714, 378, 379 [in Vol3]
Kilmarnock, the gudeman of, 28 [in Vol3]
Kilmarnock, to Irvine, 193 [in Vol3]
Kilmarnock, Trade of the burgh, ccviii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kilmarnock, William, Earl of, 383 [in Vol3]
Kilmaurs, Antiquities, 453 [in Vol3]
Kilmaurs, Castle, 453 [in Vol3]
Kilmaurs, Church, and Church lands, 450-2 [in Vol3]
Kilmaurs, Cuthbert, Lord, 20-23 [in Vol3]
Kilmaurs, Cutlery, 449 [in Vol3]
Kilmaurs, Etymology, Extent, &c, 448 [in Vol3]
Kilmaurs, Families in the Parish of, 456 [in Vol3]
Kilmaurs, Forces of, civ [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kilmaurs, History, Civil and Ecclesiastical, 449 [in Vol3]
Kilmaurs, Lord, Earl of Glencairn, 18 [in Vol3]
Kilmaurs, Lord, lxxxii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kilmaurs, Master of. 24, 31 [in Vol3]
Kilmaurs, the tenements of, 449 [in Vol3]
Kilmaurs, Water, 448 [in Vol3]
Kilmaurs, William, Lord, 194 [in Vol3]
Kilmernok, Seige of, 27 [in Vol3]
Kilsanct(u)inniane, 157 [in Vol2]
Kilsyth, cxcvii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kilsyth, Defeat of, cliii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kilwinning and Ardrossan, 44 [in Vol3]
Kilwinning and Stewartoun, 249 [in Vol3]
Kilwinning and the River Garnock, 556 [in Vol3]
Kilwinning, Abbey of, xli, xcvi, xcix, lxvi, c, civ [in Volume1 Pt1] 25, 49, 65, 142, 193, 194, 217, 283, 480, 483-4 [in Vol3]
Kilwinning, Abbot of, 19, 283 [in Vol3]
Kilwinning, Archery, 484-6 [in Vol3]
Kilwinning, Commendator of, xcviii [in Volume1 Pt1] 36 [in Vol3]
Kilwinning, Etymology, &c, 478 [in Vol3]
Kilwinning, Families in the Parish of, 486 [in Vol3]
Kilwinning, History, Civil and Ecclesiastical, 479 [in Vol3]
Kilwinning, Masonry, 482 [in Vol3]
Kilwinning, Monks of, 306 [in Vol3]
Kilwinning, Parish of, History, Civil and Ecclesiastical, 479. [in Vol3]
Kincardine, Alexander, Earl of, 199 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kincase, xlix [in Volume1 Pt1]
"King's Steps" 209 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kinmien, 348, 385 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kintyre and Alcluyd, 376 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kintyre, 374 [in Volume1 Pt2] 31 [in Vol3]
Kipper at the Grosset Fair, 175 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kircudbright, 3 [in Vol3]
Kirk of Kirkbryde, 369 [in Volume1 Pt2]
"Kirk of the Muir", 603, 605 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kirk wynd, the, 126 [in Vol2]
Kirk, the, Constitution of, clx, clxxiv [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kirk, the, cxxviii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kirkaldie, Harbour of, 369 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kirkcaldy of Grange, ccx [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kirk-Colmanel, 124
Kirkcudbright Innertig, 80
Kirkcudbright, 387 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kirkcudbright, to Ayr, 370 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kirkcudbrightshire and Dumfriesshire, cxciv [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kirkhill and Ballaird, 140 [in Vol2]
Kirkhill, Gudeman of, 71 [in Vol2]
Kirkhill, the Old House of, 125-132 [in Vol2]
Kirkintilloch, lands of, v [in Vol2]
Kirkland(s), &c, 122, 123 [in Vol2]
Kirkliston, xv [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kirkmichael House, 272 [in Vol2]
Kirkmichael, and Dailly, 282 [in Vol2]
Kirkmichael, and Dalrymple, 450 [in Vol2]
Kirkmichael, Antiquities, 267 [in Vol2]
Kirkmichael, Etymology, Extent, &c, 262 [in Vol2]
Kirkmichael, Families in the Parish of, 274 [in Vol2]
Kirkmichael, History, Civil and Ecclesiastical, 264 [in Vol2]
Kirkmichael, House, 272, 273 [in Vol2]
Kirkmichael, Parish of, 262 [in Vol2]
Kirkmichael, vii, 168 [in Vol2]
Kirkoswald, 26, 35, 168, 239 [in Vol2]
Kirkoswald, and Maybole, 262 [in Vol2]
Kirkoswald, Antiquities, 288 [in Vol2]
Kirkoswald, Etymology, Extent of, &c, 282 [in Vol2]
Kirkoswald, Families in the Parish of, 295 [in Vol2]
Kirkoswald, History, Civil and Ecclesiastical, 283-8 [in Vol2]
Kirkoswald, Parish of, 282 [in Vol2]
Kirk-Session Minutes, 184 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kirkwall, 327 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kirkwood, Alexander, lxxi [in Volume1 Pt1]
Klrkcudbright, xiii, cxxx [in Volume1 Pt1]
Knife and Corsancone hills, 305 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Knights Templar, 572 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Knock Castle, 524 [in Vol3]
Knock Euart, 61-2 [in Vol3]
Knock, Fraser of, clx, clxxiv [in Volume1 Pt1]
Knockashin, 242 [in Vol2]
Knockdaw, 157-9 [in Vol2]
Knockdolian, House of, 131 [in Vol2]
Knockdolian, the hill of, 124-5 [in Vol2]
Knockdoliane, laird of, ciii, civ [in Volume1 Pt1]
Knockdoliane, Young, cc [in Volume1 Pt1]
Knockdoliane, Younger, cc [in Volume1 Pt1]
Knockdon, 301 [in Volume1 Pt2] 437, 439 [in Vol2]
Knockgarner, 450 [in Vol2]
Knockgerran, barony of, 168 [in Vol2]
Knockjargon, 41, 48 [in Vol3]
Knockmade Hill, 215 [in Vol3]
Knockmarloch House, 340 [in Volume1 Pt2] 374 [in Vol3]
Knockmarloch, 653 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Knockmurran, 209 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Knockreoch and Knockaldine, 3 [in Vol3]
Knockshinnoch, 341 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Knokanlaw, 28 [in Vol3]
Knox, John, lxxxi, lxxxii, lxxxv, lxxxix, xcvii, xcviii, xcix, cxviii [in Volume1 Pt1] 616 [in Volume1 Pt2] 26-8, 30-6 [in Vol2]
Knox, Mr Andrew, cxxxii, cxxxiii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Knox, William, of Knox, 662 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kobbilstoune, 29 [in Vol3]
Konongr, Dougall, 4 [in Vol3]
"Kyith," the forest of, 519 [in Vol3]
Kyle and Carrick, 31 [in Vol3]
Kyle and Cunninghame, cxxxiii, 7 [in Volume1 Pt1] 40 [in Vol2]
Kyle Castle, 199 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kyle Castle, ruins of 200 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kyle or Cunninghame, 3-17 [in Vol2]
Kyle, 5 [in Volume1 Pt1] 636, 713 [in Volume1 Pt2] 448 [in Vol3]
Kyle, Carrick and Galloway, Churches in, xcvii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kyle, Deanery of, 368 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kyle, Farm of, 200 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kyle, from Kirkcudbright, 374 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kyle, Historical Sketch, ix [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kyle, lands of Symonston, 352 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kyle, Origin of the name, ix, xviii, lix [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kyle, Port, 7 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Kyle, Regis, xviii [in Volume1 Pt1] 350 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kyle, Stewart, xviii, 180 [in Volume1 Pt1] 497 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kyle, the, 614 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kyles Muir, gifted to Lord Loudoun, 53 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kyleston, Over Burntoun, &c, 348 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Kyll, Water of, xv [in Volume1 Pt1]
La Concorde, 249 [in Volume1 Pt1]
La Medee, 250 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lade, Daniel, of Dalblair, 155, 302 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lade, the late John, of Noodlesdale, 302 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lady Kirk, 583, 584, 576 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lady Templeton and other Pastimes, 94 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lady-Corse, 57 [in Vol2]
Ladykirk or Ladyland, 581 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Ladyland, Barclays, 296 [in Vol3]
Ladyland, Cochrans, 300-1 [in Vol3]
Ladyland, Hamiltons, 298, 300 [in Vol3]
Ladyland, House, 288 [in Vol3]
Lagland, Fullertoun, 328
Laicht, the Castle of, 374 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Laglane Wood, xlviii, 211 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Laglen, James, and Knockgulran, 149 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Laicht, 377 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Laichts, Over and Nether, 382
Laigshaw, farm of, 607 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lainshaw, laird of, cl [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lainshaw, laird of, his Letter to Eglinton, clix. [in Volume1 Pt1]
"Laird of Logan", 307 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lambert, General, lxxxi, clxxxi [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lambie, Margrete, 54 [in Vol3]
Lamonts, 298. [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lanark and Colinton, cxcvi [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lanark, cxcv [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lanark, Richard de, 43 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lancasterian cause, 10 [in Vol3]
"Land of Burns", 604 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Land, value of, 120 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lands of Threppe-wood, Threepwood, or Threipwood, The, 115 [in Vol3]
Lane, Lands of, 4 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lanerick, Earl of, clxxxii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lanfine and Holmes, 530
Lanfine Garden, 498 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Langschaw, Remit in the Boyd Charter chest as to the slaughter of, 38 [in Vol3]
Langshaw, at the, 35 [in Vol3]
Langshotmoss, 128 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Langside, battle of, ci [in Volume1 Pt1] 304 [in Vol3]
Lapraik, John, the poet, 39 [in Volume1 Pt1] 606 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lardner Wallace's 50, 51 [in Vol3]
Largs, 146, 281, 302 [in Vol3]
Largs, Antiquities, 521-23 [in Vol3]
Largs, Battle of, xlv, xlix, clv, cxxxvii [in Volume1 Pt1] 4, 6-8, 519 [in Vol3]
Largs, coast of, 140 [in Vol3]
Largs, Ecclesiastical affairs, 520-l [in Vol3]
Largs, Etymology, &c, 517 [in Vol3]
Largs, Families in the Parish of, 525 [in Vol3]
Largs, History, Civil and Ecclesiastical, 519 [in Vol3]
Largs, Parish of, 517 [in Vol3]
Largs, plain of, 9 [in Vol3]
Largs, Temperature of the town of, 518 [in Vol3]
Largs, the northern district, 1 [in Vol3]
"Lass of Ballochmyle", 541 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Latins, 90 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Latour, Francis and Anna, 238 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Latour, Francis, 237 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lauder, Lewis, Governor of Sorn Castle, 681 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lauder, Rede of, 357 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lauderdale, clxxxvii, cxcix [in Volume1 Pt1]
Laurie, Alex 601 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Laurie, Nathaniel Donaldson, Esq., 415 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Laurie, Rev. James, of Dalrymple, 413 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Law Castle, 312 [in Vol3]
Law Mylne, 27 [in Vol3]
Law, Ardmill, Tarbert, and Kame Hill, 302 [in Vol3]
Laws enacted in the Burgh, 91 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Laws of the Barony of Alloway, 91, 92 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Layng, Mr Andrew, 193 [in Vol3]
Learg, 517 [in Vol3]
Leffnol, vii [in Vol2]
Lefnoreis, Mains of, 330 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lefnoreis, thirty shilling land of, 330 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lefnorese, laird of, lxxxvii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Legal Functions of the Kirk-Session, 94, 100 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Legat, Sir Robert, 13 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Leges, Malcomi, 374 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Leiche, John, 51 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Leith and Dundee, 71 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Leith Roads, 16 [in Vol3]
Leith, lxxxvii [in Volume1 Pt1] 30 [in Vol3]
Leitrim, Lord of, 16 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lennox and Glencairn, 30, 31 [in Vol3]
Lennox, brother to John, first Earl of, 232 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lennox, cvlii, cxv [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lennox, Earl of, 2 [in Vol3]
Lennox, Earldom of, cxviii, cxx, cxxi, cxxxii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lennox, James, 202 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lennox, Lands in the, 42 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Leonardis Cheapill, Sanct, 63 [in Vol2]
Leprosy, 91 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Leslie, Bishop of, xxxviii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Leslie, General, cxlvii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Leslie, John, lxxix [in Volume1 Pt1]
Leslie, Major-General David, cl, clvii, clxviii, clxxvi, clxxvii, clxxxvii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Leslie, Norman, lxxix, lxxxix, xci [in Volume1 Pt1] 319 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lesmahago, 603 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Leven, Alexander, Earl of, 220 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Leven, Earl of, clxxxiv [in Volume1 Pt1]
Levying Custom, 6 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Limestone, 302 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Limond, David, of Dalblair, 204 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Limond, Margaret, 131 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Limond, Robert Simpson, 201. [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lin, or Lyne, of that Ilk, 184-6 [in Vol3]
Lindsay, Johnne, in Symonstoune, 735 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lindsay, Laird of Craigy, 24 [in Vol2]
Lindsay, Lord, 25 [in Vol2]
Lindsay, Rev. Mr, cxxiii
Liturgy introduced, cxliv
Livingstone, William, of Aird, clviii
Lindsay, Sir David, xxii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lindsay, the Rev. Mr, 382 [in Vol3]
Lindsay, Violent settlement of in Kilmarnock, 400-2 [in Vol3]
Lindsay's Blazons, Sir David, viii [in Vol2]
Lineage of the Chalmerses of Gadgirth, 230 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Linlithgow, 25 [in Vol3]
Linlithgow, Robert de, 48, 51 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Linn, Tower of, 145 [in Vol3]
Linois, Admiral, 154. [in Volume1 Pt1]
Linston Loch, 385 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lion, William, the, 734 [in Volume1 Pt2] 52 [in Vol3]
Little Mains, 311 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Littledean, Laird of, 292 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Liverpool, Lord, 642 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Livingstone and Hamilton, the Lords, 12
Livingstone, Lord, 12 [in Vol3]
Livingstone, Mary, 577. [in Vol3]
Livingstoun, Alexander, 25, 53, 55 [in Vol2]
Llwyd, Welsh Archaeologist, xv
Lochdoon, Castle of, lxvii
Lochinvar, laird of, cxiv [in Volume1 Pt1]
Loanings and Glebe, 129 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Locard, Malcolm, 735 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Locard, Stephen, 734 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Locard, Symon, 734, 735 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Locardi Simonis, 575-6 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Loccard, Stephen, 556 [in Vol3]
Loch Long, 4 [in Vol3]
Loch-Brown, 535 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lochend, late, 2l1 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lochermoss, 128, 235 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lochfergus, 1, 128 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lochgoin, 245 [in Vol3]
Lochhead, Rev. John, 56 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lochliba, in Renfrewshire, 215 [in Vol3]
Lochlie House. 751 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lochmartenam, 244 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lochmody Castle, 176 [in Vol2]
Lochridge, clvii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lochryan, 12, 13, 60, 80 [in Vol2]
Lochryan, by Minniegaff and Lochmaben, 371 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Loch's "Essays", 389 [in Vol3]
Lochs in Kirkmichael Parish, 263 [in Vol2]
Lochs in Straiton Parish, 451 [in Vol2]
Lochton and Laggan Lochs, 240 [in Vol2]
Lochwinnoch and Beith, 281 [in Vol3]
Lochwinnoch and Neilston, 64 [in Vol3]
Lockhart, Alexander, 13, 41, 128 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lockhart, Alexander, of Bogha1l, 158 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lockhart, Charlotte, 139. [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lockhart, George, of Bar, 354 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lockhart, Helen, 338 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lockhart, Hugh, lxxxviii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lockhart, Isobel, 13. [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lockhart, Janet, of Bogha1l, 234 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lockhart, John, 52 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lockhart, John, of Bar, 328 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lockhart, Johne, 20 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lockhart, Robert, 339 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lockhart, Robert, Notar, 350 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lockhart, Robert, of Castlehill, 139. [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lockhart, Susana, 207 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lockharts and Cunninghames of Duppall, 122 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lockharts of Bar, lxxxviii [in Volume1 Pt1] 511, 515, 530 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lockharts of Blackhouse, 128 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lockharts of Boghall, 671-2 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lockharts of Lee, 735 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Logan of Camlarg, 382 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Logan of Logan, 344, 351, 360 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Logan of Restalrig, 343 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Logan of that Ilk, 382 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Logan, 343 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Logan, Allan, 346 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Logan, Charles, writer, 346 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Logan, Hugh, of Logan, 312 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Logan, James, of Castle Cumnock, 382 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Logan, James, of Knockshinnock, 342 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Logan, Janet, 287 [in Volume1 Pt1] 312, 359 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Logan, John, of Knockshinnock, 343 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Logan, Laird of, 204 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Logan, Mr, of Knock, 310 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Logan, the first of Restalrig, 344 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Logan, Thomas, 342 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Logan, William, 382 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Logan, William, of Camlarg, 382 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Logan, William, of that I1k, 344-6 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Logane, James, lxxv [in Volume1 Pt1]
Logan's Pillar, 307 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lokart, John, of Bar, lxxvii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lokert, burgess of Ayr, lxxiii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lokhert, Margaret, 211 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lollards of Kyle, 232 [in Volume1 Pt1]
London, Chamberlain of the city of, 643 [in Volume1 Pt2]
London, Lord Mayor of, 642 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Longdale, English Royalists under, clxxi [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lonk, John, 6 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lord High Steward, 5-8 [in Vol3]
Lord Justice Clerk, 293 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lord of Justiciary, 195 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lord of Session, 292 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lords of Council, 196 [in Vol3]
Lords of Secreit Counsaill, 53 [in Vol2]
Lords of Secret Council, 84 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lorn, John of, liii [in Volume1 Pt1] 309 [in Volume1 Pt2] 17-19, 22 [in Vol2]
Lothian, xxv [in Volume1 Pt1] 13 [in Vol2]
Loudoun and Kilmarnock, 240 [in Vol3]
Loudoun Hill, xxvii, lv, clix [in Volume1 Pt1] 10 [in Volume1 Pt1] 499 [in Volume1 Pt2] 537-8 [in Vol3]
Loudoun House, 58 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Loudoun, 371, 543 [in Vol3]
Loudoun, Antiquities, 539 [in Vol3]
Loudoun, Castle, 538, 540-2 [in Vol3]
Loudoun, Countess of, clxxxvi [in Volume1 Pt1]
Loudoun, Earl of, xviii, c, cxi, cxliv, cxlv, cxlvi, cxlvii, clxxxii, clxxxiii, clxxxv, ccli, cclv, 16 [in Volume1 Pt1] 676 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Loudoun, Etymology, &c, 537 [in Vol3]
Loudoun, Families in the Parish of, 543 [in Vol3]
Loudoun, family, 307, 347 [in Volume1 Pt2] 557 [in Vol3]
Loudoun, Hew, Lord of, 349 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Loudoun, History, Civil and Ecclesiastical, 538 [in Vol3]
Loudoun, Hugh, Dominus, 336, 350 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Loudoun, Hugh, Earl of, 357 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Loudoun, Hugh, third Earl of, xviii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Loudoun, John, Earl of, 538 [in Vol3]
Loudoun, John, Lord, 128 [in Volume1 Pt1] 339 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Loudoun, Kirk, 542-3 [in Vol3]
Loudoun, Laird of, 605 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Loudoun, Lord, 70 [in Vol2]
Louis of France, lxvi [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lovat, sixth Lord, cxx [in Volume1 Pt1]
Loves of Thriepwood, 118, 120 [in Vol3]
Low, Doctour, 60 [in Vol2]
Lowdoun, James, Rickertoune, 298 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lowe, two maiden sisters, 65 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lowland enemies, 376 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lowland Forces, 7 [in Vol3]
Lowlands of Ayrshire, 210 [in Volume1 Pt1] 374 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lucknow, 261 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lufe, Margaret, 29 [in Vol3]
Lugar and the Ayr, 535 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lugar, 302, 306, 307, 343 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lugar, the, 343, 614 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lugton, 64, 214, 215, 479 [in Vol3]
Lugton, Garnock, and Irvine, 566 [in Vol3]
Lyle, Alexander the, 10 [in Vol3]
Lyndesay, John de, 283 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lyndesay, Sir David, of Crawfuird, 283 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lyndesay, Walter de, 283 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lyndesay, Walter, Knight, 283 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lyndesays, heiress of the, 283 [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lyndsay, Sir David, 583 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lynne, Walter, 28 [in Vol3]
Lynne, Walter, lxxiii [in Volume1 Pt1]
Lyon of Auchintiber, 324 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lyon, Margaret, 324 [in Volume1 Pt2]
Lyon, the Lord, 78 [in Vol2]
Lyon, William the, 2 [in Vol2]
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