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Arbroath Harbour: A Book of Drawings
By Ian S. Murphy
ISBN 1845301675
Hardback  112 pages
Published 8 April 2021
UK Price £16.95
US Price $27.50

This book collects together about sixty drawings of fishing boats at Arbroath Harbour, completed between 1989 to 1995.
There are also fifteen drawings of the harbour at Montrose, and of other Scottish harbours relevant to Arbroath, in the same period.
The author's viewpoint is that of an interested spectator who likes fishing boats.
While drawing, he gained valuable background information from the local people, including some fishermen, that he met as he worked.
His notes on the harbours he draws, and on the boats and people within them, are written in the hope that everyone reading the book will 'feel close to the sea'.
The main story unfolds gradually, starting in 1989 and running through to 1995.
It begins with a bird's eye view of Arbroath Harbour, 'so that even if you have never been to Arbroath, you will soon know your way around'.
At the end of the book there is a map that show the positions of all the Scottish harbour towns mentioned in the text.

'I have written not just for Arbroath people, or just for Scottish people, or even just for British people. I have written the book for people everywhere. The call of the sea is universal.'

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