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The History of the Royal Bank of Scotland 1727-1927
Neil Munro
ISBN 9781845300975
Paperback  474 pages
Published 18 February 2011    UK Price £17.95    US Price $25.95   

Emerging from the aftermath of the disastrous Darien Scheme and the Treaty of Union (1707) the Royal Bank was established in 1727 to play a major role in many aspects of Scottish life.

This book not only charts the fascinating history of the Royal Bank itself; it also brings to life events and personalities connected with it over two centuries.

We get fascinating glimpses into the Jacobite invasion of Edinburgh, architectural development in Edinburgh and Glasgow and the expansion of the railways.

There are also marvellous insights into aspects of important personalities like Archibald, Earl of Ilay, first Governor of the bank, David Dale and Sir Walter Scott.

Neil Munro (1860-1930), distinguished author and journalist - and most famous for his hilarious tales of Para Handy and his puffer Vital Spark - displays with his History of the Royal Bank of Scotland 1727-1927 yet another aspect of his skill as a writer.


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