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Bho Chluaidh Gu Calasraid - From the Clyde to Callander; Gaelic Songs, Poetry, Tales and Traditions of the Lennox and Menteith in Gaelic with English
Michael Newton
ISBN 9781845300685
Paperback  312 pages
Published 1 February 2010    UK Price £14.95    US Price $25.00   

Although Gaelic no longer resounds through the Lennox and Mentieth as it once did, this volume demonstrates that its rich heritage of literature and folklore deserves to be rediscovered and reclaimed by new generations.

Gaelic was once spoken by its earls and chieftains, farmers and fishermen, into the twentieth century.

This book presents some of the songs, stories and traditions which recapture the timeless brilliance of the Gaelic heroic age in the area.

Dr Michael Newton has brought together the legends of the early Christian saints, tales of the supernatural, panegyric verse of professional poets, clans sagas of the Colquhouns, MacGregors, and MacFarlanes, Jacobite songs, elegies, local calendar customs, and other remnants of folklore and folklife.

Patient and dedicated research has enabled this wealth of material to be accessible for the first time to students, scholars, and all enthusiasts of the history and culture of the Lennox and Menteith, bringing back to life an ancient inheritance worth celebrating. Michael Newton was awarded a Ph.D. in Celtic Studies from the University of Edinburgh in 1998 for his dissertation The Tree in Scottish Gaelic Literature and Tradition. His research interests and areas of expertise include Scottish Highland immigrant literature and history; ethnicity and identity politics; human ecology; and dance traditions.


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