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An' then the world came tae oor doorstep: Lockerbie Lives and Stories
Jill S. Haldane
ISBN 978184530630
Paperback  332 pages
Published 19 December 2008    UK Price £19.95    US Price $25.95   

The Lockerbie Stories tell of the absolute incomprehension of something as alien as hunks of aeroplane and associated detritus falling through the roof of the home from aerospace above, penetrating the security of the family and exposing the self to chaos and despair, inverting life's experience from relatively familiar to discrete.

The grief and trauma that followed, dealing with veil of death and destruction as victims and their belongings rained on homes, gardens and streets, together with the shock and upset involved in evacuation from your home and disruption of your routine.

The frustrating inability to communicate with family and friends out with the community; the violation of all pre-conceived representations of Christmas and the descending swarm of strangers.

To see your wee space on the planet, on the screen and beamed to innumerable other homes across the world.

The silence then the noise: the sound of people and busyness was deafening to the quietude of the town and the echo reverberated for a few years.

This is not a comparative study of how the Lockerbie bombing compares to any other disaster, natural or premeditated.

By nature, disasters are variously horrific for the people directly and indirectly involved.


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