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History of the Clan Lundy, Lundie, Lundin
One of the most ancient families of the Kingdom of Scotland: A history and genealogy from the 11th Century to the present day
Robert Alan Lundie Smith
ISBN 9781845300234
Paperback  540 pages
Published 30 August 2005    UK Price £30.00    US Price $48.00   

The history of many of the great houses and families of Scotland are well documented in literature, and by clan associations and individuals on the Internet.
The family of Lundie (Lundy, Lundin, Lundyn) is described, by Sir Robert Douglas in his Baronage, as one of the most ancient in Scotland; its history however up until now is almost un-documented.
Most lists of Scottish Clans and families seem to omit this family.
The few books that do include details; with one notable exception, Lundins of Fife, by G. T. Welsh; provide very little information.
In fact the short paper by Welsh is the only text so far printed that was solely dedicated to this family's history.
This lack of documentation of the Lundie family is quite remarkable given the fact that members of this family have occupied many high offices in Scotland; including those of Lord High Treasurer, Chancellor, Chamberlain, Hereditary Doorward (personal body guard to the King), and Member of the Council of Regents of the Kingdom.
They have performed duties as hosts, ambassadors and representatives of the Sovereign; voted for Wallace as Protector of Scotland, fighting by his side in Scotland's fight for Independence; and played an important role in the reformation of the church in Scotland.
Indeed many of the heads of "Great" families of Scotland, have direct descent from this house through marriage with daughters of the various branches of the Lundie family. By taking what has been written by historians so far, it has really only been through reading the histories of these other families and noting their intermarriage with Lundies, that one could form an idea of their high social standing and historical importance.


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