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Castles and Mansions of Ayrshire, The (1885)
Illustrated in Seventy Views with Historical and Descriptive Accounts
Edited by A. H. Millar
ISBN 9781845300197
Paperback  148 pages
Published 30 August 2004    UK Price £17.95    US Price $25.00   

Originally published in a limited edition of 200 copies in 1885, "for the purpose of presenting, in an accessible and attractive form, views of the numerous beautiful inhabited Castles and Mansions which adorn Ayrshire. The Plates have been prepared specially for the Work by Messrs ANNAN, Glasgow, and the Publisher believes that their artistic quality will at least fulfil expectation. The Letterpress has been drawn up under the editorial care of A. H. MILLAR, F.S.A.Scot., and embraces much interesting historical information. In most instances the descriptions have been revised by the Owners of the Mansions, and a few of them have been entirely written by them."

The original edition was printed in a large format. The photographs were mounted on the right-hand pages, inter-leaved with a page or two pages of text. Some changes have been made in this edition. The overall page size is now considerably smaller.

The complete text has been re-set. In the original, the text was sometimes spread over two pages. In this edition, the print has been reduced in size, where necessary, to allow all the text on the left-hand page, facing the photograph, to be read without turning the page.

The photographs are reproduced in the original size.

In the original, the photographs were arranged to view at right-angles to the page. In this edition, the photographs are turned to a normal position.

Two photographs were used for Woodside. Both are included in this edition.


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