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History of the Shire of Renfrew, 1710
together with the continuations by William Semple, 1782, and George Robertson, 1818
George Craufurd, with William Semple and George Robertson
ISBN 9780902664661
Paperback  740 pages
Published 16 May 2003    UK Price £37.50    US Price $50.00   

Craufurd's 'History' (published in 1710, together with a History of the House of Stewart, not included here) was well received.

William Semple updated and amplified, by interpolation, the original to three times its size in his edition of 1782.

George Robertson incorporated some of Semple's work in his continuation of 1818.

This unique edition contains (a) the 1710 text, complete, in its 1818 typesetting, (b) the 1782 text complete, and (c) the Continuations of the 1818 edition


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