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Recipes for, and Observations on, Cookery, Wine, Pickling, Preserving, &c, &c,
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By Railton, Isabella
ISBN 9780902664029
Hardback  124 pages
Published 3rd February 2003
UK Price £17.95   
US Price $24.95   

A delightful collection of country recipes, using seasonal produce, with contributions from neighbours, relatives, and friends. Not everyone today will want to use 28 lbs of soft sugar and 10 lbs of Smyrna currants for their ginger wine, but the sparse colloquial style gives a clear flavour of life in a mid-nineteenth century British kitchen. Recipes. . . and Observations, etc. survives as an octavo soft-covered notebook begun in 1815 by Isabella Railton, apparently by inviting her friends to contribute recipes in their own style and hand. After her early death in 1823, it appears to have been continued on the same principles by her daughter, also called Isabella.The few dated entries show a compilation period of over fifty years, during which the book had another page tipped in, possibly a recipe provided already written out, rather than an addition after the note-book was full.The further history of the book is not known; it was bought as part of an auction lot in Ayrshire, Scotland. Textual and biographical notes have been added in moderation.

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