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Reclaimed Land: A Sixties Childhood
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By Fulton, Graham
ISBN 1845301382
Paperback  128 pages
Published 14 June 2013
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The 1960s. The decade of upheaval and change. Growing up in Scotland. Paisley. The years that didn't seem to be important but now mean everything. The years that moved so slowly. Were over in an instant. Summers that seemed to stretch forever. Summers that bent the laws of time. The time of being small. Childhood. We took it for granted. Space. Innocence. Lack of knowledge. Everyone would always be here. We'd always be the same age in the same place. Change would stand still. No one would become old, no one would leave. The truth of childhood has no future, no past. It is us. Real. Solid. Light. Dark. Nostalgia Noir. Not rose-tinted, not imagined. A land of our own separate from the outside. A land long gone but always alive. A land that rests in memory. All the memories recorded here.

Graham Fultonís poetry has been published in Europe and the USA. His major collections include Humouring the Iron Bar Man (Polygon, 1990), Knights of the Lower Floors (Polygon, 1994), Open Plan (Smokestack Books, 2011), Full Scottish Breakfast (Red Squirrel Press, 2011) and Upside Down Heart (Controlled Explosion Press, 2012). He was born in 1959. He still lives in Paisley.

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