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Pralognan la Vanoise
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By de Leymarie, Jacques. Translated by Sylvia Lachmann
ISBN 1845300297
SERIES Parish Histories
Paperback  196 pages
Published 27 June, 2005
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Visitors to Pralognan will recognise the beauty of the valley and surrounding peaks, the village set amidst colourful meadows, and the wonderful alpine flowers.

Each season has its own special charm and one learns to tolerate the rain and cloud since they nurture the flora! The landscape is clearly influenced by human activity, originally by centuries of alpine husbandry, and lately by the guardianship of the Parc National de la Vanoise, but the interaction is not always easy to interpret.

Dr Jacques de Leymarie’s book ‘Pralognan la Vanoise’ (first published in 1990) documents the traditional farming practices and the changes brought about between 1860 and 1914, largely as a consequence of the establishment of tourism.

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