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Ayrshire - Volums 1 and 2 Combined
Its History and Historic Families
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By Robertson, William
ISBN 1845300270
SERIES Scottish County Histories
Hardback  Second  c800 pages
Subject [British & Irish history: c 1700 to c 1900 ] [0] [Social & cultural history ] [Family history ] [Rural communities ] [Ayrshire ]
Published 25 January, 2005
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Originally published in 1908, this very readable account of the history of one of Scotland's most important counties is a story of ups and downs, of fightings for fredom and faith, of local and feudal jarrings and turmoils, of steady persevering through it all on the pathway of progress. Also available in two paperback volumes. The first volume is given to the history of the politics and social development of the shire. The second volume is given to the history of the leading families. Less detailed than Paterson's History, this is an excellent introduction to the complex family relationships of Kyle, Cunninghame and Carrick.

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