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Deptford, Toronto and Kingston
The Early Years of Charles Aird, Victorian Engineer

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By Aird, Charles
ISBN 1845300203
Paperback  436 pages
Published 25 January 2005
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Charles Airdís unassuming account, written in Edwardian England, of his youth and introduction to the rapidly developing world of Victorian engineering, is filled with anecdotes of everyday events and understated dramas. It reveals how social mobility, combined with business acumen, lay behind the rise of John Aird & Sons from a penniless Scots family to a world-class construction company, which laid thousands of miles of gas and water pipes, and later built the Aswan Dam.
Aird's early life in Deptford and his experiences at the Phoenix Gas Works give no warning of his later exploits. First he goes to Canada, where his contributions to the railway are coloured by his accounts of day-to-day events. On his return to England, he assumes a crucial role in the provision of gas and water services to the swathe of Surrey surrounding Kingston.

With an Introduction by his grandson, Peter Stirling-Aird. Edited by Laura Hone.

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