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Menzies' Tourist Pocket Guide for Scotland, 1852
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ISBN 1845300092
SERIES Early Guides for Travellers in Britain
Paperback  644 pages
Subject [Public buildings ] [Travel & holiday guides ] [Northern Scotland, ] [Western Isles, Outer Hebrides ] [Inner Hebrides ] [Isle of Skye ]
Published 5 July, 2004
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Originally published in 1852. 'The completion of five leading lines of railway within ten years' (from the Preface) allows the tourist to be far mobile than a few years previously. An introductory chapter describes the Railway Routes before the more detailed tours are conducted. Since Burns had raised the profile of Scotland, the preferred means of travel had transferred from post-horse to steamer to railway at an unprecedented rate. Includes J. Menzies List of Guide Books and Views for Tourists sold by John Menzies, Prince's Street, Edinburgh.

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