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Duncanís Itinerary of Scotland, 1823
with the principal Roads to London, copious observations on each road, and An Appendix, containing some account of the canals, lakes, mountains, harbours, and romantic scenery, deserving of the travellerís notice; together with a Minute Mineralogical Sketch of the several counties of Scotland
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ISBN 1845300017
SERIES Early Guides for Travellers in Britain
Paperback  Fifth  152 pages
Subject [Directories ] [British & Irish history: c 1700 to c 1900 ] [Travel & holiday guides ] [Hotel & holiday accommodation guides ] [Lowland Scotland & Borders ] [Central Scotland ] [Northern Scotland, ]
Published March, 2004
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Originally published in 1823. The general format is to list all reasonable roads that connected the main towns in Scotland, with intermediate towns and villages shown, and distances given. In a parallel text, a running commentary is provided of what might be 'observed' by the traveller. Inns, 'which furnish post horses and chaises', cross roads, the names of gentlemen's seats, and the 1821 census populations are all detailed. Included in the extensive Appendix are all the routes by canal, and all Fairs in Scotland.

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