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Glasgow Directory: containing a list of the Merchants, Manufacturers, Traders, &c,1827
in the City and Suburbs, alphabetically arranged, and a list of the Magistrates, Council, Merchant, and Trades' Houses, also, the Magistrates of Calton, Gorbals, and Anderston.

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ISBN 0902664727
SERIES Streets Ago
Paperback  c 280 pages
Published 10 October 2003
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Originally published in 1827. Magistrates and Town Council of Glasgow, Dean of Guild Court, Managers of the Merchants’ House, Managers of the Trades’ House, Magistrates of the Barony of Calton, Magistrates of the Barony of Gorbals, Magistrates of the Burgh of Anderston, Banking Houses in Glasgow, Public Offices in Glasgow, Fire and Insurance Offices, Cess and Tax Offices, Post Office, Mail and Stage Coaches, Managers of the Police of Glasgow, Commissioners of the Police of Glasgow, Police Wards, Police Regulations, Managers of Police of Calton and Mile-End, Commissioners of Police for Gorbals, Regulations for the Hackney Carriages and Noddies in Glasgow, Table of Fees for Carters, Regulations for Porters, Regulations for Coal Porters, Traders on the Great Canal from Port Dundas, Trading Vessels on the River Clyde from Glasgow, Steam Boats on the River Clyde, Paisley Canal Timetable, Monkland Canal Timetable, Billeting Soldiers, Professors of the University of Glasgow, Ministers of Glasgow and Suburbs, Justices of the Peace, residing mainly at Glasgow, List of Constables having Authority to act within the Lower Ward of Lanarkshire, List of Sheriff officers acting for the Lower Ward of Lanarkshire, Carriers’ Quarters, with the days of Arrival and Departure, Tide Table for Glasgow, Advertisement.

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