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Tourist's Illustrated Handbook for Ireland 1854
Handbook to Galway, Connemara and the Irish Highlands

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ISBN 0902664271
SERIES Early Guides for Travellers in Britain
Hardback  300 pages
Subject [Travel & holiday guides ] [Ireland ] [British History, c 1800 to c 1900 ] [Social & cultural history ] [Local history ] [Rural communities ]
Published 29th August 2003
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The advent of railways to Ireland allowed a substantial influx of visitors, aided by the ‘Tourist Ticket’ system developed for the Railway Companies. In 1854 the potato famine is still a recent memory, and the living conditions of the local inhabitants do not go un-noticed in this overview, where politics are never far from the surface. At times rhapsodising, at times tending to the obsequious, the anonymous author’s wry humour and sharp wit is intermingled with history, topography, engineering, biography and architectural comments. This edition is re-set, with a new index, and reprints forty contemporary hotel advertisements from across the country.

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