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Better Class Streets of London 1918
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By Kelly's Directories
ISBN 0902664158
SERIES Streets Ago
Paperack  193  628 pages
Subject [Local history ] [London, Greater London ] [British History, 1914-1918 ] [Local government ] [Yearbooks, annuals, almanacs ] [Urban communities ]
Published 29th August 2003
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Originally published as part of the Royal Blue Book, Court and Parliamentary Guide in May 1918, which included the names and addresses of the better class private residents in the district roughly comprised in the area bounded by Hampstead on the North, the Chelsea Reaches of the Thames on the South, Finsbury Circus on the East, and Hammersmith on the West.

This volume includes details of the Royal Family, the Royal Households, Privy Councillors, Members of the Government, Foreign Representatives, Public Offices, Institutions and Societies, Insurance Companies, Principal Club Houses and Bankers, as well as a Street Directory of Residents in the area outlined above.

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