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Personal Names and Surnames of the Town of Inverness
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By MacBain, Alexander
ISBN 0902664069
Paperback  120 pages
Subject [Genealogy, heraldry, names and honours ] [Personal names ] [Urban communities ] [Northern Scotland, ] [British History, c 1800 to c 1900 ]
Published 3rd February 2003
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Originally published in 1895 as "Inverness Names". This elegant study of the meaning of the names listed in the Inverness Burgh Directory has resonances for the whole of Scotland.

The Directory's 5000 entries yield 750 names, including many found in towns and villages across the north and west of Scotland. All are classified and discussed systematically by Alexander MacBain, an authority on Scottish Placenames.

Alexander MacBain's Place Names of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland is also re-published by The Grimsay Press.

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